“What Terry Walters has done by taking us on a journey through her gorgeous new book, Nourish, is offer us the kind of connection to life we all seem to be craving now—one that goes deeper and is more intimate and meaningful—and she does it in a way that keeps us mindful of how the practice of cooking and living a life filled with clean foods not only nourishes ourselves and our families, but also our communities and our planet. But Nourish is far more than the sum of its healthy, seasonal recipes that absolutely inspire you to cook, ferment, share and feed others with—it is a lifestyle too. It is a Northstar for life and one that, thanks to Terry, is filled with light and grace and kindness. All of which we need so much more of today, and always will.”

Tracey Ryder, Co-Founder & CEO, Edible Communities

NOURISH features 200 all-new plant-based recipes organized by season in an easy-to-use format that lays flat and stays open as you cook! With an entire section on Fermentation and Gut Health, including how-to information and recipes, you will be inspired and empowered to start making your own probiotic-rich fermented foods. There is abundant information on healthy cooking techniques and tips, including how to reduce phytic acid and lectins, pressure cooking, and a deep dive into individual ingredients and tools.

Photography by Julie Bidwell
Original artwork by Sarah and Megan Snow of TreeO Design
Printed in Massachusetts


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